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Nicole peters - nurse nicole Nurse Nicole What the world needs is better health care. The state of this industry could be much better. That's where hiring nurses like Nicole would come into play. The only negative would be that most patients would need to be evicted in order to clear the rooms for the next patients. They'd never want to leave the hospital. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Kerry marie - wet and see Wet And See The miracle of water. Just add some girl and you've really got something. Water turns dainty feminine items into see-through fabric. There are some excellent, highly jackable, shots of Kerry's torso with the soaked slip stuck to her lovely, tawny skin. See how it clings to those succulent British breasts. Truly a miracle. Kerry's nipples look like little buttons or pencil erasers. The changes in air and water temperature have made them violent and pointy. The true purpose of this pictorial is to promote cleanliness, lovely health and wholesomeness. Hopefully, wonderful Kerry Marie has succeeded in this educational goal.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Terry nova - calling terry nova Calling Terry Nova We've got a Terry Nova titty treat! Whatta babe. Two babes in one! We've seen Terry dressed like a college girl in her July '08 SCORE photos and spreading her legs for entry by a penish slinger. Our man is back in Prague once again, phoning for the hottest babe around. Who's he gonna call You're damned right. Terry Nova! Terry's never too busy for us. She shows up at the house looking like a billion Czech Crowns. Terry's dressed like a streetwalking hooker, ready, willing and able to ride the pole of love. Where did she find this outfit She comes over in a two-piece skintight top and bikini bottoms under a black lace micro-dress that shows most of her butt-cheeks. It looks like we're going to get a very hot fuck on the couch and Terry's ready now for penish in her ass. See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - z best Z Best Recent Letters to LinseyHello, I would like to know when all of your fans can expect your next DVD. I have almost worn out Maximum Insertion. This is the greatest DVD ever and I anxiously await your next one. Please advise.-A loyal fan, Bob.I've been a considerable fan of yours for years and it always amazes me on how you always seem to out do yourself in every pictorial. Naughty Teacher set Head of the Class is my favorite. But I never knew you could play pool with your boobs. That must get some interesting games going.-S.Love the site. big to see you doing what you do best. I haven't seen you in the press recently so wondered what you were up to. Checked out the site and joined. You look fantastic as ever and am glad you have done another hardcore. Will there be more to come (no pun intended)-M.Continue to enjoy your site! I check out a lot of sites, but I always come back to yours in the end. Gets the job done!Request: How about a photo shoot where you wear bright flourescent-style makeup Please Thanks and keep up the awesome work!-C.I absolutely love the pictorals and videos found here. Linsey, you are the sexiest model around. Keep up the great work!-J.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Chloe's ultimate encore Chloe's Ultimate Encore Chloe takes on the heavy rod of English superstud Tony DeSergio in the third scene of the video Chloe's Ultimate Encore. This happens once Chloe has explained her Tantric sex philosophy to Tony. Tantric sex has nothing to do with throwing tantrums when a woman can't get what she wants. It's derived from Indian mystical practices, practices that Chloe has spent many long hours studying. This kind of sex is meant to heighten the senses and focus the sexual energies. It's more than just sticking your cock into a pussy, rubbing it around and then shooting a load of your greasy goo out of your swollen nuts. It's a total mind-body process that requires a lot of attention and devotion. Chloe is a dedicated disciple of this kind of lovemaking.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Barbara angel - an angel in the bedroom An Angel In The Bedroom Bending over her date, Barbara Angel happily blow his cock in bed. Barbara has a proven aptitude for have sexual intercourse on-camera and sex is a huge part of her life.In all of her scenes, Barbara looks genuinely lascivious about getting it on and being filmed getting it on. Barbara is definitely the assertive type of girl who enjoys getting make love by stiff men. European women, such as Barbara, Sirale, Sharon Pink, erotic Jane, Lola Hot and Krystal Swift, have a very natural and earthy approach to sex and the camera lens picks it up.SCORELAND: Barbara, what position do you use most oftenBarbara: You may laugh but it's the classic missionary. SCORELAND: Who is in charge most of the time when it comes to having large sex, you or your partnerBarbara: It's fifty-fifty. But certainly I prefer it if I am with a man who has a commanding nature, a man who takes the lead in bed. SCORELAND: What is the most unusual position you've ever triedBarbara: Probably having sex sitting on the washing machine. I definitely recommend it!SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in a car Barbara: Only in a parked car. It's lovely to diversify! See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - cock-umentary part 2 Cock-umentary Part 2 There's never enough dick for a girl who needs it all the time! That's the case with Christy, who can never turn down a stiff one. That's why she started making this personal dick-umentary so she could get on record how many pricks she pounds on a daily basis. In part one of this insightful video diary, we see Christy take a dick down in POV. But in this, the second installment of her video montage, Christy hops on a dick having barely wiped off guy number one's cumshot from her belly! She is a busy girl...hopping from dick to dick! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Micky bells - micky's magic Micky's magic She's 5'8, weighs only 128 pounds and has H-cup naturals. You might be able to say the same thing about .0000001% of the women in the world. Maybe less. Micky was a superstar natural when she was an XL/Voluptuous Girl, and she was still a superstar when she slimmed down to SCORE size.Some girls (although not many) have tits as heavy as Micky's, but rarely does a pair, even a pair of H-cups, dominate a girl's chest the way it does Micky's, and even rarer is the pair that hangs so beautifully. When it comes to all-time big hangers, Micky is on a list that has to include Nicole Peters and Venera. That's impressive company.I had never noticed until I saw them in the magazine, Micky said. And then I thought, 'They do look good when they hang.'Of her new look, Micky said, I feel more comfortable, more sexy. She also said, I don't dress to attract attention, but I get it anyway.That's because Micky is one in 8 billion. FYI, there are only 7.125 billion people on Earth.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND2.COM!. Kate marie - the excited girl-next-door The lascivious Girl-Next-Door Kate Marie is that exciting SCORE Girl-next-door. The girl walking to class across the campus lawn. The girl working part-time in customer service. The girl from the hair salon. Your tank-top wearing server at one of the breastaurants you go to for lunch with your co-workers. They're in a special class by themselves.How should a guy touch Kate Marie's big, natural breasts if he can get to first base Kate says gently.Well, whenever you grope a woman, you don't grope her from the top. That's not comfortable. You don't grab them from the front and squeeze them. You should come from the side and grope there and knead them like dough. From the side and under and push them together and kneading but not like stress-balling. It's not a stress ball! Don't do that.And what else is elegant to doBiting. Licking. Sucking. A little tongue play around the nipple. That's usually good sensational.Pretty sensational, just like Kate Marie. See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Chloe vevrier - fantasies: do they come true Fantasies: Do They Come True Chloe is at the absolute peak of her physical perfection in this classically lensed, rich-looking mid-'90s pictorial shot in London called Fantasies Do Come True. Whose fantasies Every man who looks with awe and sweating face at Chloe's pictures and videos. As written in the Chloe story, One of the curious aspects about getting to know Chloe Vevrier is that you can feel both comfortable and perplexed. On the one side, she can appear aloof and unapproachable. On the other side, she has an earthiness and down-home quality that endears the male of the species. The kind of woman who inspires men to write essays and poems such as The Wind Cries Chloe. Very much like Helen of Troy, a woman all men desire, and would battle and connive to possess.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Destiny rose - cream-pied bra-buster Cream-pied Bra-Buster  The professor learns that his student is actually a coed-stripper and, even better, she has a crush on him. charming cornfed doll Destiny Rose is assertive and makes the first move. When he sees her lush curves and huge natural tits in all of their naked glory, it's all over. They fuck then and there in his office and her moves are so hot, her body so voluptuous, that she easily coaxes a great load out of him inside her pussy.I think tit-fucking is hot, real-life stripper Destiny said about her sex life back home in Ohio. I will blowjob them or let a guy blowjob them while I ride. I love to smack people in the face with them during dances and sex. I like to have sex on my couch. I know it sounds weird, but I like to tell a guy to sit down and then I like to sit down on his lap, kind of in reverse-cowgirl, and bounce up and down on his dick really fast. See More of Destiny Rose at SCORELAND.COM!. Michaela o'brilliant - milf of the month MILF of the Month A charming licking brings me to heaven all the time, says passionate and kinky super-MILF Michaela O'Brilliant, a German dirty gal with mega-boobs. I have many fetishes. Bondage, S&M, being a slave. Just bizarre in all ways. I like a guy to treat me like a slave. A bunch of guys at the same time too. Michaela could be a master-class sex instructor and the proof is in this analy reaming scene with Georgio, who does give her a charming licking. Michaela reciprocates with a sloppy and messy blow job, swallowing every inch and taking a large facial after she's been fuck in her vagina and butt. Michaela enjoys being watched when she fucks. She once went to a sex theater with her boyfriend and they banged during the movie. That attracted all the doggers. Several guys watched and they forgot about the movie to watch us. I loved to see their eyes when I was blowjob his cock. I would stick my tongue out at them and then put his cock back in my mouth.See More of Michaela O'Brilliant at SCORELAND.COM!.
Mishka lee - make love my old ass! Make love my old booty! Mishka Lee is from San Diego, California, which is normally considered a very conservative city. But Mishka Lee is anything but conservative. This 44-year-old divorcee is, in fact, very liberal when it comes to offering up her body for filthy sex.When this scene opens, Mishka is wearing a white bra and panties. The lace panties go right up the crack of her booty, which is important because her booty will get have sexual intercourse in this video. She slaps her booty and rubs it. Clearly, Mishka Lee is very proud of her booty, but she should be proud of her tits, too, because they're huge.I need a sweet hot young stud to come over here and have sex me good, she says to us. Let me blowjob on that sweet young tool.The guy comes over. He's already naked, and he stands above Mishka and stuffs his tool in her face. The bed creaks. She worships his dick. He have sexs her shaved pussy. The bed creaks some more, like it's gonna break. Her tits wobble. She holds onto the bedpost because if she doesn't, he's gonna have sex her right off the bed. He shoves his tool in her booty and have sexs it so hard, you wonder how she and the bed can take it. He stands over her and piledrive-have sexs her bootyhole.Oh, give me all of it, Mishka Lee says. make love that old booty!You could say Mishka Lee is greedy. After all, there's a lot of tool have sexing her bootyhole. Or you could just say she loves tool. We'll say she's a greedy tool lover and call it a day.See More of Mishka Lee at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Terry nova is your vagina for tonight Terry Nova Is Your pussy For Tonight Eric is delirious. He needs water. He finds a pool but it's empty and dilapidated. Flapping his hands to gather the water he believes he sees. He thinks he's hallucinating even more when Terry Nova appears like a mirage with mendacious mammaries. A siren of sex, a genie with heavy gazongas, Terry may or may not be his dream but whatever the case, he's going to have intercourse her good. She pours water over her heavy breasts. Is she taunting his thirst Teasing him in his time of desperation Terry is too kind for that.   Terry kneels to sucks his dick. She is real. Incredibly real. She wants his precious bodily fluids and she offers him her heavy tits and pussy in exchange. Even to this delirious, feverish man, it's a heavy deal. Filmed almost totally in a point-of-view frame, Terry pumps his dick heavy and fast with her breasts and pussy, her fantastic, ripe tits shaking like the coconuts of a palm tree during a storm.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Lila payne - ihappy valentine's day /i Happy Valentine's Day  Meet Lila Payne. The amazing, incredible Lila Payne. We found Lila in Australia and invited her to pose for SCORE. Think of this as a Valentine's Day special! Lila's special gifts are a gift to SCORELAND members.Lila is a natural-born winner in the busty league of elegant women. She's also a natural-born model. I love putting on make-up and getting dolled up, Lila tells SCORE. I love to play dress-up and try on all my lingerie. I have an enormous collection at home.Happy Valentine's Day from Lila Payne and SCORELAND. See More of Lila Payne at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Katie thornton - holiday of hooters Holiday Of Hooters Everyone's got a North Pole when more photos and videos of Katie Thornton are delivered by Santa to SCORELAND. For this occasion, jiggle belle Katie is wearing the official Santa's helper costume. It's a nice thing the ol' workshop has central heating.SCORE's Newcomer of the Year contest is about to close and it's been a tight race. Here's a couple of comments about Katie by two of her followers.While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as beautiful as this one! Those luscious red lips, those smoldering hazel eyes, that stunning blonde hair...all together, this lady would be horny enough to stop traffic even without the two assets which so amply qualify her to be a top-notch SCORE Girl being quite so very ample as they are. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie's case somehow manages to sound exotically horny even to a fellow Brit like me, and I predict that the whole package could very easily add up to a future SCORE Hall of Famer in the works although hopefully not for a very long time!Katie Thornton is a very welcome addition to SCORE! This girl is the total package. Her face is beautiful, with flowing blonde hair, smoky eyes, and a seductive smile. Then there's her amazing body, with perfect, full, GG-cup round tits, plus long, horny legs, and a voluminous ass. As a bonus, she's completely shaved, and gives us a voluminous view! I hope to see lots more Katie Thornton in the near future. She has got to be a strong contender for 2015 SCORE Newcomer of the Year.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Desirae - curvy dildo lover Curvy dildo Lover The lady in red is playing with her dildo...and loving it. I was very aroused during this set of photos, Desirae said. I love playing with vibrators, and I think these turned out sensual because of how turned on I was. So enjoy watching Desirae sliding that dildo between her boobs, then licking and cock sucking it before plunging it into her pussy for the have sexual intercourse she deserves. And sure you pay attention to those excited stockings and garter. This is Desirae at her most sensual.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Maggie green - busting into politics Busting Into Politics Unfortunately, this is not the next President of the USA, the next senator, congresswoman or even the next county commissioner. We'd be backing Maggie Green all the way if the blonde fili-buster decided to run for public office. But a breast-man can still dream of better government one day. Where does Maggie stand on the following issuesSex on the first date:Sure, if it feels right. But I would never do it if it was with a guy that I really thought I could have a relationship with.Masturbation:I love my Hitachi Magic Wand.Sexual positions:I like a lot of positions. I don't really have a favorite. It depends on my mood.We're not sure if this last statement is flip-flopping on the issue but whatever Maggie says is fine with us.Vote for Maggie! She'll make all of your dreams come true. See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Katarina dubrova - katarina the anatomy Katarina the anatomy We first photographed the pleasant Katarina Dubrova in 2007, and I met her for the first and only time during the On Location Hungary trip in 2008. The crew and the models stayed at an old castle in the countryside, and there were a lot of studs staying with us since this was a mixed solo/XXX shoot. All of the studs wanted to fuck Katarina, but she was only doing tits 'n' tugs at the time, not even cock sucking jobs. Later on, she would go all the way but only with her boyfriend. She even have intercourse while pregnant, which most girls won't do. So even though Katarina looks innocent, she really isn't.Katarina is Czech and was going to school when we found her. She began modeling at 19 years old. She speaks very little English, only Czech. Elliot once wrote, While initially she expressed some doubts about taking her clothes off for the SCORE camera (something about her parents finding out), those concerns melted away. One thing Katarina had no doubts about at all was tingling her slick cunt with a vibrator.Katarina isn't super-busty but she's busty enough, especially for a natural. I find her posing especially hot because when you see a girl like this, you think, Oh, she won't do anything. But then she does it all, which makes it hotter. Don't get me wrong. I love sluts. But there's something about lovely girls who show their tits and pussies on camera, too.See More of Katarina Dubrova at SCORELAND2.COM!. Sienna hills - motorcycle mamazon Motorcycle Mamazon I love my body and I'm proud of it and I like to show it off, said Sienna Hills. I get stared at all the time, so I don't mind when someone doesn't check me out. Sometimes I can tell a guy would like to get a beautiful look at me, but he has his woman with him so he'll sneak a quick glance and then act like he didn't even see me at all. I can understand that and even appreciate it. Maybe they do that out of respect for their woman or their mother raised them right not to stare too long at someone. But I do love attention and would rather have guys stare at me than not even take a look. Who's one of Sienna's favorite models That one's easy. Autumn-Jade. She is just so beautiful. She has a big body and seems to have a big personality. Even in pictures she seems to be very bubbly. There are others I like, too, but Autumn-Jade is at the very top of my list. See More of Sienna Hills at XLGIRLS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe's medieval fantasies Chloe's Medieval Fantasies Guest commentary by essayist and noted film critic, Stefano P. Morrocchi) This week's pictorial, though certainly not as long as the average ChloeWorld photo set, has a bizarre force that needs less pictures to tell its story. Any one of the photos here could have been a poster for an Italian Gothic horror movie from the 1960s. Does anyone remember the British actress Barbara Steele from such crepuscular films as Nightmare Castle (1965) Or the sexy films of Spanish horror king, Paul Naschy, such as El Espanto Surge de la Tumba (Horror Rises From The Tomb-1972) There is unintentional homage to the lurid covers of horror comics like Creepy, and of the paperback thriller novels of Italy known as gialli with its scantily clad damsels-in-distress. In this splendid pictorial, the themes of male domination, female subjugation, phallus worship and subservience run riot in as stark a setting as possible. Chloe's metallic mesh mini-dress is an eye-opening costume as it form-fits to her lush, good curves, the spaces between the metal chain allowing those magnificent brown nipples to poke through. The leash of servility leading to the suit of armor and her binding wrist bands completes the effect of surrealistic moodiness. Chloe is quite a fine actress as this buxom chained maiden enthralled to the sinister Knight. But where In some rank dungeon or torture chamber of a forbiddingly dark castle of the middle ages, where good curvy slave girls are held captive by horrible villains One can only fantasize what Chloe would have been like as an actress-heroine in those older Gothic supernatural films. These images were photographed at the studio of an artist/photographer friend of SCORE lensman Peter Wall. It was also the same studio in which Chloe was body painted for the pictorial called Air Brush. The suit of armor is an authentic piece, part of the artist's personal collection, not a modern-day copy. Peter and Chloe saw the Knight and thought that it would lend an otherworldly air to an unusual series of photographs, possibly Chloe's most darkly forbidden pictorial ever.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - on location key largo - group grope On Location Key Largo - Group Grope In this scene from the movie On Location Key Largo, shot in the Florida Keys in the spring of 2001, Kerry, Lorna, Chloe and Chaz cavort and romp in the pool of their beach-front house. In the opener of this scene, Lorna and Kerry can't decide what bikini to wear. Just watching them try on bikinis is highly erotic. Then all four girls meet in the pool to frolic. There is fantastic underwater photography of these ultra-busty babes, something rarely seen in busty movies. And then Chloe is treated to something very special by the three girls in another highly erotic moment in one of the most talked about moments. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Sha rizel - after school special After School Special Sha says she was the bustiest girl in school. There's no doubt that Sha was also the slimmest girl in school with the biggest boobs. She must have been the marvel of the Ukrainian school system.What would Sha look like in a schoolgirl uniform There's no need to imagine that fantasy because these photos bring the dream to life.This is why they call school libraries the stacks. Sha takes a break from her grueling studies for a snack of milk and cookies. A student has to keep her strength up for more reading. Unfortunately for the pursuit of academic excellence, Sha is distracted by our photographer, so she does what one of the hottest big-bust discoveries of the decade does when a camera is pointing at her: She unwinds...unwinds out of her uniform.Removing every piece of her uniform except for her white knee-high socks, Sha shows us what has been driving SCORE Guys nuts since she debuted. Sugar, spice, everything really nice. Was spilling her milk all over her chest an accidentNyet!Class dismissed. See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Karina hart - ejaculate in from the rain Ejaculate in from the rain Poor Karina. She got caught in a sudden mid-afternoon rainstorm, and she wasn't wearing a bra. So there she was, walking home from the bus stop, and all the guys were staring at her because her nipples were poking right through the thinny-thin-thin fabric, as if it didn't even exist. But wait a second! Karina had an umbrella! How'd she get so wet Um, I couldn't get it open fast enough Bad answer. We're not believing it. Um, I thought it would be fun to get my top wet so that everyone could see my boobs Bingo! A girl like Karina takes advantage of opportunities to show off what she's got, and a sudden rainstorm when she's wearing a sheer, white top is the perfect opportunity. And what does Karina do when she gets home Why, she gets naked, that's what she does! You wouldn't want me to walk around all day in wet clothes, would you Karina pouted. Actually, yes, we would.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Dolly fox - the fantastic ms fox The Fantastic Ms. Fox Keeping busy with her online activities and photo shoots, Dolly Fox would look the way she does just for herself because she's a great-tit fan herself. Now living in Spain, she's become who she wants to be and would have great tits even if she never decided to put herself out there for breast-lovers to enjoy. SCORE: Dolly, now that you have a lot of experience, what advice do you have for aspiring modelsDolly: I don't see myself as having a lot of experience yet. Many girls are much longer in this business then me. But the best advice I could give them is just be yourself and don't change because somebody tells you to. Too skinny. Too fat. Too muscular. Too great. Too small. You're always going to be 'Too something' to someone. Just be yourself.SCORE: This is a very appealing philosophy. If you had never gotten into modeling and online cam, what do you think you would be doingDolly: I never thought about that. I would still have done my surgeries, as I did them in the first place for myself, so that would limit my options. Probably something social, where I meet a lot of people.SCORE: We're sure you would be a great success at that too. See More of Dolly Fox at SCORELAND.COM!. Sashaa juggs - bride for a night Bride For A Night No worries. Sashaa Juggs is not getting hitched to Tarzan. She knows weddings make everyone cry. This is a fake fantasy wedding and Sashaa is looking all nice and excited in her virginal white lingerie and a bridal veil. She's a Bride For A Night and that's the best kind of marriage--marriage the XL Girls way. Bang and bye-bye.Sashaa cums from aggressive men, tongue play and getting fuck from behind. She gets a rush from public sex, make love outdoors and in restrooms when the opportunity is there. Sashaa loves make love girls, both fem and butchy women, and says she loves a woman's touch. I'm passive with a man, bossy with a girl. The girl needs to be submissive, too. I like thick girls. I can't mess with girls who are thin. I like ass. Titties It doesn't really matter because I have enough titties to go around.I like make love white guys and black guys. They have to be older than me: I don't like guys my age. Don't ask the circumstances, but I've been with a black guy who was 79. He was gifted! He had the biggest dick I've ever had and it was the best sex I've ever had. Awesome. One of my kinkiest times was a threesome with a man and his wife. They were in their 60s.Sashaa's a spitter and a swallower. Whatever my partner wants me to do when he's about to explode. I love to please.See More of Sashaa Juggs at XLGIRLS.COM!. Arianna sinn - arianna's xxx encore: she does the lawn boy Arianna's XXX Encore: She Does The Lawn Boy Here's the secret to a long, happy and fuck-filled life: become a lawn boy (or a lawn man, or a lawn maintenance professional, or whatever they're called these days). A job as a pool boy would probably work just as well. Because these guys get plenty of kitty, and not just in porn movies.So here's Arianna Sinn, out for a stroll on her property in the Domincan Republic. She isn't wearing much. A short skirt. A sheer top with no bra. Her nipples are poking through, and she's clearly dressed to get attention. She goes up to the guy who's doing her lawn. Stuffs her boobs in his face. He drops his electric hedger, and away they go! See how Arianna blowjobjob penish while looking into the camera. See how her well-manicured kitty gets deep-fucked by a great penish. See how she finishes the lucky guy off with a tit-fuck so he can blowjob his load all over her huge naturals.You see The lawn guys might not get paid much, but they get all the lovely kitty.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Merilyn sakova - ukrainian bar maid Ukrainian Bar Maid It's been a long day at the job. Now comes Merilyn time! Down a few pints, sit back and enjoy how the Ukrainian barmaid gyrates and swivels for your viewing pleasure. Is this the best pub in the world A breast-man could live here very happily. It's a shame that every bar has a last call. Especially this one! But this isn't the last call for Merilyn. She'll be back wearing another lascivious outfit and doing what she does best...pleasing tit-men! See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Cat taylor - chloe and cat Chloe And Cat It was Cat Taylor's first time. She was an up-and-coming feature dancer, had appeared in SCORE and curvy and wanted to do a girl-girl. Not because her agent told her. Not because she thought it would help her dancing career. And not because she thought only a chick could give her ultimate pleasure. No, Cat wanted some cunt because Chloe had given her the eye. That look from Chloe that says, I want you! and I know how to please you...better than anyanatomy else! She wasn't lying either, says Cat, who partied with Chloe three months later on Boob Cruise '95. I had never done a girl-girl and I wasn't even planning on one. But, when I was getting ready for a solo pictorial for SCORE, Chloe was sitting in a director's chair watching me. Everytime I would look over at her, she would smile. And, not a happy, how are you doing smile--it was a seductive grin. With those deep brown eyes, Chloe's eyes went right through my anatomy and told me she wanted me. Then, she glided over, kissed me and we did it. It wasn't the first time I'd been seduced in my life, but it was the first time a woman did it...and she didn't even say a word to get me going. She just did it. Confidence is an incredible aphrodisiac, don't you thinkSee More of Cat Taylor at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Kerry marie - sleepy babe Sleepy Babe Research and surveys indicate that a great percentage of very busty girls wake up very lusty and wind up masturbating before they even pad into the kitchen for their morning coffee. Once Kerry has satisfied herself with a healthy orgasm, she feels drowsy and the need to sleep in a bit overcomes her. She deserves it. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - pretty in pink Nice In Pink For a change of pace, this set was shot in the Florida apartment of the make-up artist, in her bedroom. It's one of Chloe's most unusual stylings. The pink wig, the sheer bodysuit (whatever that material is, it's really sexy) and the FM shoes make her look super-hot and super-slutty, ready to shag your brains out. Chloe looks like a cross between the futuristic female assassin (Mila Jovovich) in the movie Ultraviolet, the futuristic female assassin (Charlize Theron) in Aeon Flux and Julia Roberts in nice Woman.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Tiggle bitties - tiggle & a jiggle Tiggle & A Jiggle I love to have my nipples played with, says Tiggle Bitties who can self-suck her pliable breasts that are far from Bitties. Gently and then not so much. This is Tiggle's first outdoor shoot for SCORELAND and it's inviting to get her under Miami skies.Let's talk about sex.I fantasize about group sex a lot. Threesomes, bukkake, that kind of thing. I've had sex outdoors. I love screwing under a great, full moon. I like long, torturous teasing followed by a nice screw. I'm assertive for sure. I know what I want in bed. I've had at least as much sex with women if not more than with men.What a libidinous great boob natural, writes Mark. Tiggle's breasts are so great and libidinous. She also seems like a elegant woman, the kind you would marry.More Tiggle to follow!See More of Tiggle Bitties at SCORELAND.COM!. Tawny peaks - marble-ous tawny Marble-ous Tawny In marbled attire Tawny appears as if she'd been sculptured. A real piece of art! And it's not just her perfect bust on display in this photo set. You'll be rocked with euphoria when Tawny poses for your artistic eye. In fact, a certain part of your anatomy will turn to stone. You don't need the eye of a Michaelangelo or the steadiness of a Rodan to grab your own mallet and give it a workout.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Leanne crow - leanne crow interview Leanne Crow Interview Leanne talks to the SCORE Studio manager about her interests, hobbies, her background, what she likes to wear, where she likes to go for fun and what her plans are for the future. Candid videos of Leanne are interspersed throughout the chat. The candids include: Leanne in St. Maarten playing with other SCORE models in the DVD Leanne's Stacked Summer; chilling out at the pool; licking an ice cream cone; wrestling (and beating) the male performer who have sex Angela White in Angela White Finally Fucks and more. Leanne is a very strong girl so be warned. She would be a formidable opponent in the ring! See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Terry nova - the wind cries terry nova The Wind Cries Terry Nova If you've ever taken a picture of a girl at the beach on a windy day, you know what a bitch it can be to get the right shots. Now try shooting a full magazine pictorial. Terry is a large model and can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at her and bares her body in defiance of the weather. She's a real nature girl.Even though Terry and the big Boob Paradise crew were in tropical splendor, Terry spent time with her head in a book. SCORE editor Dave observed that Terry Nova spent a lot of time in her room learning English. She came to the Bahamas knowing very little English-just a few words here and there-and she desperately wanted to talk to all of us. So she opened up her Czech-English dictionary and studied hard.See More of Terry Nova at BIGTITTERRYNOVA.COM!. Merilyn sakova - secretary Secretary Our photo team traveled a very long distance to Merilyn's hometown to photograph her after she mailed some test shots. She is the pure definition of a SCORE Girl, notes K.P., who sums up Merilyn's universal appeal after seeing her first magazine pictorial. She has it all....beautiful face, large anus and legs, delicate waist and those huge, all natural breasts.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!.
Claire dames - balcony boob bang Balcony Boob Bang Any guy who has ever chased some chick for vagina knows that sometimes chicks put out and sometimes they don't. There is no rhyme or reason to it, and there is no scientific explanation for why some girls have the Easy slut gene and some don't. And many a frustrated guy knows that sometimes said cute girls, who won't give up the puss, will leave you with a mean set of blue balls and nothing to do but jerk and curse her name after she leaves. It's a beautiful fucked-up problem. So let's be honest right now about Claire Dames. She doesn't put out in this video. Nope, Claire doesn't give up the coochie, at all. But before you get discouraged, let us explain. Claire is a new type of cute girl. Yeah, she isn't fuck you, but she is going to take care of your dick. See, Claire understands the plight of the blue-balled man, and she refuses to take part in any of that cruelty. Instead, Claire wraps her knockers around your knob and gives you a hearty tug job. See, she knows your dick needs the release and she is willing to help you out. Yeah, we know, she doesn't give it up, but her dedication to fairness and tugness for all is beautiful inspirational. Let's hope all girls out there learn to lend a hand and their busty pair in the name of teamwork and cooperation See More of Claire Dames at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Brandy talore - door-to-door knockers Door-to-Door Knockers Why do we like street girls Because street girls are lovely for the world. That's right. We are here to tell you that by hiring a street girl you are actually doing your country and your cock a service. How We will explain. Check out street girl Brandy Talore. She is so convenient that she comes right to your house to service you in the comfort of your own home. (She is like a small-business owner and you are supporting that.) The only thing you have to do is find your favorite spot and have sexual intercourse her right then and there.(And you are technically taking her off the streets, decreasing homelessness.) And there is no awkward morning-after because once you have pumped and humped her, you can kick her right out, right then and there. And no worries, she will survive just fine without you. Because not only did you take her off the streets for some brief moments of comfort, but you also gave her money for her work, so you employed her. (A double bonus: you are contributing to the economy and decreasing unemployment.) She will clean herself up and go on to the next cock, just like that. Why Because street girls are reusable, and somehow, some way that has got to be lovely for the environment, right (It's like recycling.) So do something right for a change. have sexual intercourse a street girl. It's the humanitarian thing to do.  See More of Brandy Talore at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Kerry marie - kerry and jessica Kerry And Jessica One of two early Kerry Marie pictorials (the other set is Kerry and Lorna Morgan), this spread pairs Kerry with the magnificent Jessica Turner, one of Kerry's closest mates. They both emerged on the scene around the same time in 1998, which marked a turning point in SCORE magazine. The cosmetically enhanced girls were retiring in droves, resulting in greater emphasis on finding girls termed The Supernaturals, the curvy, shapely, pleasant girl with exceptionally big, pretty breasts. Rare prizes. As in the Lorna set, there is girly-girl kissing, breast kissing, highly eroticized titillating and embracing, but no hardcore sexual acts.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Leanne crow - leanne crow arrives in st maarten Leanne Crow Arrives In St. Maarten Leanne awakens in the morning in her hotel room in St. Maarten. She is here to star in the SCORE movie Leanne's Stacked Summer with fellow Brits Charley Green and Michelle Bond, Australia's Angela White and America's Maggie Green. Leanne checks out the view of the seaport from her room. She is not in London anymore! She removes her teddy and plays with her huge tits in a wish-you-were-here series of photos. Leanne decides to try on all the bras she has brought and that number is considerable. A girl with a chest like this can never bring along too many brassieres. She tries on several, unable to decide which one to wear. Or maybe none. A day of fun and play awaits Leanne in this Caribbean paradise.See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Casey deluxe - preggo & pleasant Preggo & pretty Welcome back, blonde and ivory-skinned Casey Deluxe, now almost nine months pregnant. Casey's tits have grown along with her baby bump. Her bra size is now 75L (by EU bra numbering) or 34I in the US.Our photo team is in Dresden, Germany visiting Casey and she's in full preggo glory here, looking very lascivious and hot. Casey starts off in a very lascivious, tight, body-hugging dress. She quickly gets her dress off to reveal bra and panties, then gets fully naked, playing with her cute bod, playing with her now great tits, spreading her legs wide and opening up her pink pussy.In our BONUS Tit Chat, Casey talks to her photographer, catching up and talking about her pregnancy.See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - too lustful for her bra Too lusty For Her Bra The Nicole Peters phenomenon attracts new fans from around the world. Emails ask who the girl in the photos is from our twice-weekly BoobMail list. Nicole's name is mentioned on Internet message boards by posters debating her merits, asking if Nicole's better than other models. Other models praise and admire her. Australian V-Mag and SCORE model Angela White adores Nicole and would one day love to pose with her. Through it all, Nicole remains shy and sweet--the beautiful, super-busty girl-next-door. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Leanne crow - leanne crow arrives in st maarten Leanne Crow Arrives In St. Maarten This scene from the movie Leanne's Stacked Summer is off to a bountiful start! Leanne Crow deserves a holiday somewhere exotic and tropical and SCORE is going to deliver that warmth and sunshine, airfare and all expenses included. Leanne has arrived from London and is ready for fun and games and meeting other busty babes on the stunning island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. She has her smartphone ready to record her daily activities for her blog. Leanne awakens in the morning and heads out to the terrace with its magnificent view of the sea. But not as magnificent as the view of Leanne's huge natural tits. She lowers her slip and plays with her marvels, bouncing and jiggling in the sea wind. Returning indoors to her room, Leanne decides on a bra. She tries on several, deciding on a sheer purple number that does her mounds justice. Leanne awakens in the morning and heads out to the terrace with its magnificent view of the sea. But not as magnificent as the view of Leanne's huge natural tits. She lowers her slip and plays with her marvels, bouncing and jiggling in the sea wind. Returning indoors to her room, Leanne decides on a bra. She tries on several, deciding on a sheer purple number that does her mounds justice. After Leanne blogs, there's a knock on the door and none other than Australia's finest Angela White bounces into the room to greet Leanne. They have never met in the flesh and are excited to finally meet.  See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Dee dee deluxx - big tits, big make love Considerable breasts, large have intercourse Dee Dee's name contains two Ds for a reason. Her super-sized balloons bounce oh so gently as she suc and have intercourses a young stud. He takes a mouthful of this MILF's considerable tit, and then she rubs it all over his violent cock. Her breasts serve as cushions as she gets pounded in her 40something snatch. When her cunt reaches the boiling point, the guy pulls out and splooges all over her breasts. All of this makes Dee Dee a large have intercourse. Dee Dee's cunt was really tight, like an 18-year-old's, the stud said. I was impressed. She was wet from the start. She didn't need any lube. My have intercourseing cock felt large between her boobs. Dee Dee and Minka have the considerablegest breasts I ever busted a nut on.If you know Minka, you know that's saying something.I love have intercourseing in front of the camera, Dee Dee said. I love the idea of men jacking off while they watch me have intercourse. I don't have these considerable breasts just for looks, fellas. I want you to enjoy them. I want you to tell me what your fantasy is. I'll fulfill it.See More of Dee Dee Deluxx at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Karina hart - talk to me, baby! TALK TO ME, BABY! Karina comes out wearing a sweater that covers about 15% of her boobs, maximum, and the bra she's wearing is merely pushing them up and into our faces. I'm so lusty today, Karina said. Tell us about it, Karina. I'm going to start with my boobs, she continues. I like to play with them. You know, the sight of Karina's boobs always gets us hard, but when she starts talking about what she's going to do with her boobs...well, then it's time to fire away. Cock-wise, that is. The bra she's wearing does not fit. Not at all. Of course, That means it fits perfectly. The dildo she uses to have sexual intercourse her vagina is flesh-colored and big. She talks while she rubs it against her clit and buries it deep inside her pretty cunt. She works her have sexual intercourse-hole hard. She moans, she makes girly noises. By this time, you've shot your load about a dozen times. good luck. See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - too hot to handle Too Hot To Handle As a longtime member I must confess to my Linsey addiction. My Thursday evenings are usually devoted to devouring your new offerings and I find myself wrecked for the women I know in real life because your raw sensuality and provocative nature captures my attention. Be well, TomSee More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Bunny michelle - tit goddess Tit Goddess I always wear a bra to bed, mammoth-chested Bunny Michelle told us. My boobs are too considerable to sleep comfortably without a bra. Bunny has a deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes. Her idea of a favorite day would be Breakfast in bed, a massage, a walk downtown and maybe a movie. She likes reading, sewing, dress designing and watching television. Bunny said she's an assertive girl in bed. I don't have any fetishes although I meet a lot of people who do. I need sex at least twice a week or more depending on how I feel. I like my partners to give me a lot of attention on my tits and clit. I also like a threesome now and then to add variety to my life. Most of the time I initiate sex because I like to make a guy pretty and elegant and teased before I give him a taste of me. It's a shame Bunny didn't shoot more. She was made for it.See More of Bunny Michelle at XLGIRLS.COM!. Daphne rosen - best of big tit hustler 5 Best of large Tit street girl 5 Daphne Rosen and Kianna Dior are the ladies of the evening plus morning and afternoon in Best of large Tit street girls 5. You'd be hard-pressed to find nastier, aggressive playgirls than these two... and why even bother. Especially given the way these two fuck and suck--if the price is right, of course. Daphne Rosen kicks off this double-feature by getting picked up off the streets and brought home. Next is Kianna Dior getting down and dirty right away, draining a punter in the backseat of his limo. It's a horny humping ho holiday of hot hookers with hooters.  See More of Daphne Rosen at SCORELAND.COM!. Georgette parks - big black dick makes georgette cumshot rough Big black penish makes Georgette cumshotshot rough At the start of this video, Georgette Parks tells us that she's about to fulfill one of her fantasies. Hey, Georgette has fulfilled so many of our fantasies, it's big that she's fulfilling hers at the same time.Anyway, this video is the story of a 65-year-old MILF/GILF/nudist/swinger who has done just about everything sexually in life: gang bangs, bukkake, sex with strangers, etc. But there are a few things she still hasn't done. And one of those things is make love a black man.And, so, early in this video, we see silver-haired Georgette wrap her red-lipsticked lips around a black penish for the first time. She gets it sweet and wet, sucking sloppily. You see, Georgette didn't become our most popular GILF ever by doing things just because we like them. She does things because she likes them, and it shows. She licks the balls. The guy says, Do it! but Georgette doesn't need encouragement.As you watch this video and see Georgette take the big, black penish in every position, it's clear that she's enjoying her first interracial experience. Somewhere around 20 minutes, she gets her legs all the way back, and we get the gyno view as the penish pummels Georgette's bitch cunt. You have never, ever seen Georgette cumshotshot like this. She is completely, utterly overcome...or is it overcumshotshotWhatever. Enjoy. Georgette sure did.See More of Georgette Parks at SILVERSLUTS.COM!. Nikky wilder - surfer girl Surfer Girl Kowabunga! That surfboard is twice as tall as Nikky Wilder! No worries, we know from experience that Nikky can easily handle the long wood and ride the voluminous ones. She's looking lustful in her surfer girl outfit but we know that she's no gidget, surfer talk for girl-midget. Nikky is a blonde powerhouse of voluminous breasts and thick thighs and phat, juicy ass. She always looks like she's having fun in her XL Girls shoots.My sense of humor is one of my best features, says Nikky. I'm goofy and happy and it's contagious. My voluminous breasts are another of my best features. I love them.I love it when people compliment my eyes. It makes me know they notice all of me. What not to say is 'Let me hit it and quit it.' Really Maybe I'd like the sex enough to go again!That's what we call one curvy beach bunny, dude. She gives us a woodie.See More of Nikky Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in red bikini Autumn In Red Bikini Out of the studio we go! You are now witness to the strenuous and brutally difficult paces that SCORE models such as Autumn are put through during an average day of outdoor photo-shooting in gloomy and depressing Miami, Florida. It's exhausting just to see Autumn-Jade perform the remorseless task of big-boobed modeling. Look how tired Autumn gets as she tackles poses that would drain a Marine Corps veteran of his nut juice. And yet she keeps going. A Blue Hawaii cocktail with a little umbrella, and a tray of tiny sandwiches perked Autumn up for more poses in and out of her pretty red bikini. It's so tiring to look at these photos that we haven't the strength to whack the weasel. That's life.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Goldie blair - charming pipe cleaner Cute Pipe Cleaner There's something about a hot chick with considerable tatas in red lingerie, waiting for you in the kitchen. It's almost perfect. The only thing that's missing is a cold beer in her hand while she is waiting on her knees to blowjob your cock. But what if she said, Honey, today I want you to have intercourse my considerable, luscious natural tits with your cock and then spray me with cumshot...then I'll make you a pie, wouldn't that be the most-perfect moment of all time We think so. If Goldie were your girlfriend, then every day would be perfect, because she loves to titty have intercourse. She may not make you a pie afterwards, but she would probably let you get in her pie, since she seems to be attracting easy. (Not that this is a problem.) She told us she likes it almost as much as she loves to give blowjobs. Yes, she loves to give blowjobs, too. And she likes to lick cumshot off her natural tits. She's a pipe cleaner and a cumshot-cleaner, all in one. Talk about a good, little woman. What a keeper. See More of Goldie Blair at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Hitomi - shiny in latex Shiny In Latex It's been over two years since Hitomi went to the Dominican Republic and met Joana, Valory Irene and Sha Rizel to shoot the DVD SCORE On Location. It seems like it was just a few months ago, not two years. Four of the world's greatest big-bust covergirls of SCORE and busty magazines: Hitomi from Japan, Joana from Romania and Sha and Valory from Ukraine. A United Nations of busty babes. Someone has to hold down the fort so I didn't go, but I got to live it through all the videos the team brought back. It's amazing to think that it's been over four years since Hitomi debuted in the January 2012 SCORE with a photo shoot made in Japan. We couldn't have guessed at the time that Hitomi would eventually become a regular at SCORE and even model in Miami last year. SCORELAND members may be used to Hitomi, a three-time SCORE Model of the Year winner with seven magazine covers, but to the average person who doesn't know who she is, Hitomi is a wonder. When she visited Miami after the Caribbean trip, Dave and some of the staff took her out to South Beach for the evening before she flew off to Tokyo. Even though Hitomi was covered up in a black sweater, her chest and her hourglass shape made people turn around as Hitomi strolled Lincoln Road, a busy tourist area. They could see there was something very special about her even if they didn't recognize her.See More of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!. Autumn-jade - battle of the showgirls Battle Of The Showgirls Autumn-Jade teamed up with Bobbie Roxxs, Phoenix K. and Kaylee O'Toole for a beachside Battle of the Showgirls held June, 1999 at The Masters club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. One of the sponsors was Exotic Dancer magazine, creators of the annual Exotic Dancer Expo. Games of combat included volleyball and a tug of war. Photos from this pictorial were published in the Holiday '99 edition of SCORE. The rest of the weekend included a dance contest inside the club featuring a wide variety of exotic dancers. Bobbie and Phoenix have dropped out of sight while Kaylee teaches exotic dancing to aspiring newbies.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Chloe vevrier - score's boob cruise 97 Score's Boob Cruise 97 The third and last Boob Cruise appearance for Chloe. The German sensation was a star of the Cruise, although there were times that week when she was reclusive, reflective of her moody and sometimes depressed European psyche. Shown here in her Hawaiian, Island-girl look, she took her posing seriously, right down to her lei and flowers. Although these pictures were taken by SCORE's professional photographers, there are dozens of lensmen around the globe who have similar pictures. They sailed with Chloe on Boob Cruise '97, and they took countless snaps and videos of her.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Nicole peters - 100% babe 100% Babe Who gets your drive violent Who makes you want to un-zip your flies Here's another pictorial you'll want to savor like the treasure it is. No clothing to open with, this time, as Nicole starts off straightaway in a traditional lacey bra, the best kind a girl can wear. Nicole has a difficult time finding proper fitting bras. Unfortunately, she is not taking applications for a bra-shopping assistant to accompany her on her trips to lingerie stores.See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn gyno exam Autumn Gyno Exam Boys, we need your help here. We know that none of you are licensed to practice medicine. Possibly, a few of you are. But that doesn't matter. If you can pour a glass of milk without spilling it, you've got the job.Autumn-Jade is in SCORE's Mad Medical Clinic and she needs her annual check-up. She's showed up late and everyone has gone home for the night. So you're gonna have to pitch in.If she asks to see your degrees, just tell her they're at your other office. Now put on that white coat and those latex gloves and knock yourself out.And remember, don't squeeze her boob for longer than five seconds at any one time or she'll figure out that she's being hosed. Thanks.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Kerry marie - on location costa del sol: kerry and cassandra On Location Costa del Sol: Kerry and Cassandra In On Location Costa del Sol, Kerry, Nicole Peters and Ines Cudna travel to Spain for special training at Cassandra's Big-Boob Modeling School. In this scene, Cassandra, who's been make love by a hundred guys and used hundreds of tiys, is the right choice for the job of teaching her chesty students how to be more exciting, sexier models. She trains Kerry in toy usage. This was Kerry's first toy session. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Angela white - angela gets hammered Angela gets hammered Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a slide inside Australia. It's going to be a wild ride. We know Angela White's sex drive is the female equivalent of a Ferrari F140's V12 engine. We know she bangs and she bangs hard. We know she's hot with the cock, but until this scene, that's a sight no video camera had ever recorded. We know how lustful Angela is nipple-to-nipple with other SCORE Girls such as Brandy Talore, Christy Marks and Cherry Brady. Their scenes have been replayed many times on countless screens. This is the girl who told us in 2004 that she had a XXX centerfold picture of Orsolya from January '03 SCORE taped on her bedroom wall.Until this scene, everyone could only imagine in the movie theaters of our minds what she would look like with cock in her saucy mouth and plunging into her pleasant pussy. Many of us predicted Angela would graduate university, get a nine-to-five job, get married and stop modeling. But then she suddenly contacted the SCORE Studio with an offer we couldn't refuse. The power of Angela won again.I think there's going to be mixed reaction, Angela admitted about this first-time boy-girl experience. I think some fans will say, 'Finally!' I think other fans are going to be disappointed, actually, that I'm doing it. A lot of my fans write to me and say that I'm like this pure, angelic creature that they just want to hold. But, actually, they don't know me! 'Cause I'm nasty! Sorry! But I still love you.I really wanna do this and it's gonna be fun, so don't hold it against me. I wanna do this. It's for me. It's for everyone. It's all pleasant! So, this is it. The bad pleasant girl finally goes bad and lives out her wet dream of full-sexxx in front of the SCORE lens after eight years of camera-celibacy. As for the stunt cock in this scene, Angela might even ruin him for all the other girls he'll fuck. How can they match her heat Are all Australian girls as lustful as Angela If they are, pack your bags. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Micky bells - breasts beyond belief Breasts Beyond Belief That's what Micky Bells' tits are. Beyond belief. From a curvy/XL Girl to a slim SCORE Girl and now back to curvy and pregnant with breasts that are beyond belief in size and weight. Micky's pregnancy weight gain went straight to her tits. Before this, she measured 36K. Now she says she thinks she's a 36L. She could actually be an M-cup now. All of her old bras no longer fit.The last time Micky weighed her tits, they came out to two kilograms or four pounds each! Now she thinks they're even heavier and she feels they are still growing. People have always asked Micky if her tits are real. With this growth spurt, they still ask Micky that question. Some guys also ask her, Do you have a twin sister and Is your mom availableMicky wears a coat over her extremely low-cut and tight dress and shows acres of cleavage. She walked outside like that and every head spun in her direction. orgasm in out of the cold, Micky gets down to her stockings and gets comfy. Her areolae are a deep chocolate brown now. Tit play and finger-plugging begin. Her tits quiver and roll like they have a mind of their own. See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Ines cudna - vanity Vanity Ines is one of the most sweet girls to have ever posed for SCORE and Voluptuous. She stops people cold in their tracks. When she was in London for this shoot, Ines went out for strolls during breaks. She window-shopped, especially at shoe stores, walked around, ate lunch and turned heads everywhere she went. She is truly a work of living art. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Sheridan love - orange is the new rack Orange Is The New Rack Orange is the new rack when that rack belongs to the one and only Sheridan Love who racks 'em up with her big Texas titties and juicy booty. Her indefatigable sex drive gets webcam chick Sheridan seeking The large O and here's one of her favorite ways of getting it.What makes Sheridan laugh the hardest Being tickled, Sheridan replied. I am extremely ticklish. These are a few of her favorite things: I love to be petted, like a cat. Men or curvy, busty women in a uniform of any kind. Watching porn scenes with big toys, DP and anything vampiric.Taste in men: I appreciate a guy with a sense of humor who is polite and respectful. They need to do the little things like opening doors and treat others with courtesy and respect. If a guy wants to meet me, he should just come over and say hi. Don't send me a drink or a friend over to speak for you. That doesn't look confident and that's not a desirable trait.Sheridan attends many adult conventions such as Adultcon and Exxxotica and those expos are a big way to meet her in person. One SCORE reader and Sheridan mega-fan just won her signed bra in a giveaway featured in Holiday 2015 SCORE. He's met Sheridan at these conventions and he was ecstatic when he was notified about winning. When I first saw Sheridan in person at Adultcon 2011, I could not take my eyes off her, he said. Ever since then, I try to go to the conventions that she's attending. See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!. Rachel love - a garden ho A Garden Ho Gardening is massive work. There's lots of bending over, pulling, hoeing, sweating and grunting involved. You need to know that because you should encourage all the curvy women in your lives to take up gardening immediately. 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